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The Eurasia Center formed its Eurasian Business Coalition as an alliance of businesses from America, Europe and Asia (Eurasia) which have joined to promote mutually beneficial multilateral trade, investment, and cooperation. Leaders of major organizations work hard to build and develop positive business environments where their products and services have become established and thrive by using coalitions of business networks and interrelationships that will not dissolve in times of crises. The Eurasia Center/EBC supports peaceful economic relations, which promote jobs and brings stability for workers and companies globally.

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Successful 4th Annual Conference:
Improving East-West Relations
Washington, DC

MONDAY, December 4th
9:00 a.m. - 7 p.m. (Evening Reception)

1825 Phelps Place, NW Washington, DC 20008


This year, The Eurasia Center and The Eurasian Business Coalition are organized a very successful Conference which highlighted the opportunities of ‘Doing Business with The Eurasian Economic Union EAEU (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)’. The Eurasian Economic Union was officially established on January 1, 2015. We are convening this Conference to familiarized the U.S. business community as well as policymakers with the EAEU – given the importance of this integrated single market which comprises over 183 million people, spans 15% of the world’s landmass, and generates a gross domestic product of over 4 trillion U.S. dollars. A number of Fortune 500 companies are already trading in some or all of these nations. Armenia and Kyrgyzstan are the newest members of the EAEU; Belarus is accelerating its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which Kazakhstan joined in October 2015. And China, India, Vietnam and many other nations are reaching agreements for special trading rights with the Eurasian Economic Union.

As former obstacles to trade are being removed in this vast free trade zone, an in-depth understanding of new opportunities and developments there becomes increasingly important. Conference panelists and EEU officials will addressed vital topics of business, trade, energy, finance and investments – including privatization of state-owned enterprises, requirements for capital infusion to underwrite infrastructure, transport and energy projects, and advanced technology and engineering opportunities in renewable energy, ‘Smart Cities’ and other areas. As always, large corporations, mid-size and small enterprises and entrepreneurs are involved in The Eurasia Center & Eurasian Business Coalition's efforts to build better economic relations, build bridges for peace, and create jobs for the future both in Eurasia and here in America. Our Conferences help build practical working relationships, programs and solutions that will contribute to better, peaceful and productive East-West collaboration.

Panels Included:

  • The Developing Eurasian Union: (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia) Intratrade Union trade up 30%, foreign trade increases 26%, trade surplus-$77 billion
  • Vietnam celebrates its one year Free Trade Agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union, while China and the Eurasia Economic Union are finalizing a trade deal
  • New Free Trade Regimes being developed with India, Turkey, Mongolia & Pakistan
  • Taking the Right Initiatives to Build Better East-West Relations for Trade & Politics
  • The Eurasian Union within the New Silk Road - BRICS/Infrastructure Development
  • Sector Overview: Energy, Science/Technology, Innovation, Agriculture, Retail
  • Legal/Financial Developments, new Market Opportunities for Goods & Services

This event allowed participants to interact with those in Eurasia seeking to expand multilateral trade, direct investments, business opportunities and open communication. Participants at the conference will speak with the new Russian Trade Representative to the United States, representatives from Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia as well as experts who have years of experience in doing business in Eurasia. Executives from numerous US corporations and officials from different countries will attend.

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The Doing Business with The Eurasian Economic Union Conference is a unique marketing opportunity for your company to support US-Eurasian business relations and to increase your company's exposure within the US-Eurasian business community. Sponsor this event and your company will reach not only to the conference attendees but also to the hundreds of thousands of people to whom this Conference will be televised to both in the US and in Eurasia.

PREVIOUS SPONSORS OF EC/EBC's CONFERENCES: 3M Corporation; Agribusiness Management Company; Baker & McKenzie; Baltika; Bloomberg; Caterpillar; Chadbourne & Parke; CitiBank; The Coca-Cola Company; ConocoPhillips; Dechert LLP; DuPont; Ernst & Young; The Ford Motor Company; General Electric; Goodyear; The Intel Corporation; John Deere; Lockheed-Martin; LUKOIL Oil Company; Marks & Sokolov; PepsiCo; Research International; United Technologies; U.S. Department of Commerce


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