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The Eurasia Center formed its Eurasian Business Coalition as an alliance of businesses from America, Europe and Asia (Eurasia) which have joined to promote mutually beneficial multilateral trade, investment, and cooperation. Leaders of major organizations work hard to build and develop positive business environments where their products and services have become established and thrive by using coalitions of business networks and interrelationships that will not dissolve in times of crises. The Eurasia Center/EBC supports peaceful economic relations, which promote jobs and brings stability for workers and companies globally.

The Eurasia Center & The Eurasian Business Coalition

in cooperation with

The Silk Road Nations and their Representatives (Europe & Asia)


The Silk Road Summit - 1st Annual Conference:

Exploring Business, Trade & Investment

Opportunities on the New Silk Road

With participation from representatives of U.S. Government Agencies and the
U.S. Congress, Multilateral Development Banks, Corporations and Trade
Associations, Policy Centers and Foundations

Washington, DC
MONDAY, September 26, 2016
9:00 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Capitol Reflecting Pool

The US Capitol Building
East Capitol St NE & First St SE, Washington, DC 20004
The Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20004

  High Speed Rail

Please join us for The Silk Road Summit - 1st Annual Conference: Exploring Business, Trade & Investment Opportunities on the New Silk Road. Multiple initiatives are now converging to galvanize unprecedented investment activity focused on the infrastructure and trade links between Asia and Europe (Eurasia). China has taken the initiative in capitalizing new development banks – the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Silk Road Fund – designed to modernize and expand the ancient Silk Road transport web that linked East Asia with the Mediterranean. China’s “One Belt – One Road” concept projects massive infrastructure expansion – on both the traditional land routes plus the Indian Ocean “Maritime Silk Road.” This is not a one nation project but involves a synergy of nations throughout Europe and Asia. America and Europe’s involvement are a key factor in bringing great technological and corporate resources to help build and develop the new Eurasian Road.


This new economic push to link the countries of Eurasia by high-speed rail, expanded trucking routes, and modernized air and seaport facilities will open up huge investment opportunities, drive technology assistance programs, and generate a proliferation of new manufacturing and service industries in all the countries in-between. The 4,000-mile original caravan road linked ancient Chinese, Indian, Persian, Arabic, Greek and Roman civilizations and was later popularized by the Italians with Marco Polo’s trade initiatives with the Emperor of China. The modern Silk Road nations comprise a population of 3 Billion and a market that is unparalleled in both scale and potential.

The Eurasia Center/Eurasian Business Coalition will provide an overview of the extraordinary opportunities that are becoming available to countries, companies and individuals to become a part of what is arguably the Project of the Century. This event will allow you and your colleagues to interact with those officials and business representatives from China, India, Kazakhstan, and many other New Silk Road nations who are actively seeking contact with American companies, both large and small, to open communication channels and expedite trade, direct investments, and a wide range of business opportunities. There will be executives and representatives from U.S. corporations, and officials from U.S. Government agencies involved in trade promotion and overseas project financing. The Silk Road will allow for a deeper penetration of this vast market by US companies, many of which are not yet familiar with these regions and the new opportunities they offer.

The Agenda of The Silk Road Summit


Silk Roads


  • Multilateral Project Financing for New Silk Road Projects – through the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the New Silk Road Fund, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), The World Bank, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and the U.S. Government (EX-IM Bank, OPIC, TDA), etc.
  • Country-Specific Developments – Major Infrastructure & Intermodal Transport Hubs
  • Upcoming Energy Projects and Networks – Oil & Gas and Renewables
  • Initiatives for Technology Innovation/Tech Transfer and Manufacturing & Retail Activity along the Silk Road
  • Maritime Ports & Harbors Expansion throughout Eurasia & Beyond
  • Cultural/Socioeconomic Factors, Small Business Participation/Entrepreneurship
  • Risk Factors – Geopolitics - Great Power & Regional Dynamics, Security & Terrorism, and Opportunities for Cooperation among Nations


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The Silk Road Summit conference is an extraordinary marketing opportunity for your company to support international business relations and to increase and spotlight your company's exposure within the New Silk Road business and investment community. Sponsor this event and your company will reach not only the conference attendees but also the hundreds of thousands of people emailed through our listings in the New York Times, Washington Post, and major news outlets in the Silk Road nations. This Conference will be televised in both the US and the Silk Road countries.



Previous SPONSORS of our Events: 3M Corporation; The Boeing Company; U.S. Department of Commerce; Caterpillar; Cisco Systems; Citibank; Dechert LLP; Ernst & Young, LLP; United Technologies; The Ford Motor Company; The Coca-Cola Company; General Electric; ConocoPhillips; The Intel Corporation; Lockheed-Martin; PepsiCo; DuPont; Goodyear; Research International, USEC Inc.



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