In order to broaden the base of its financial support and expand its analysis of and impact on trade, investment, and economic development issues, the Eurasian Business Coalition has expanded its EBC Benefits of Membership . Through such membership, large and small-to-medium size companies, multi-national corporations, professional and trade organizations, economic development departments, chambers of commerce, governmental agencies, and individuals can participate in a significant manner at an affordable investment level.

As a member you and your organization will be receiving invitations to the monthly televised "Evening at the Embassy" series. Links in the EBC web site will include numerous publications, newspaper articles, studies, and reports on Eurasian and American trade and investments. Also included will be invaluable listings of key officials in the various Eurasian Embassies, international consultants experienced in trade, investment, and intellectual property issues, and valuable "Business Links" in each Eurasian country. The EBC will expand its renown The Eurasian Report to include conference reports, policy recommendations, and specific themes such as Homeland Security/Defense issues from a multi-national perspective.

The impact of the "Evening" series, roundtables, listed resources, and real "Business Links", along with The Eurasian Report is to educate elected policy leaders, corporate executives, small business owners, economic developers, and any professional interested in Eurasia to help improve the communications, understanding, trade relations, and investments between the 38 nations of Eurasia and the United States.

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EBC Benefits of Membership
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