The following services are offered by The Eurasian Business Coalition.

Investor Relations

The Eurasian Business Coalition (EBC) through its affiliation with the Eurasia Center can guide investors to their counterparts in foreign markets.  Whether an investor’s industry is in retail goods, real estate development and mortgage services, or infrastructure development for mining, processing, or manufacturing, the EBC will facilitate introductions to appropriate government ministries within the Eurasian countries of interest, ensuring that your business investment has optimal chance for approval and a successful financial return.

Global Funding Guidance

The EBC has relationships with several lending institutions on the world stage, such as the WorldBank Group, USAID, and other financial institutions.  EBC can facilitate U.S. business development for business-friendly governments from Eurasian countries, and guide their government officials through the funding process with these institutions.  EBC hosts seminars on these topics, discussing collateralized loans, non-collateralized loans, and locating potential U.S. partners for these development ventures.

Trade Introductions

The EBC can arrange introductions to Eurasian government officials and several global import/export companies who can, in turn, address your specific trade requirements to and from Eastern European and Asian countries.  The EBC has local partners in several key countries throughout the region, who can work with your company on-site, guiding you towards the most reliable and economical options for your import and export needs.

Program Development/Management

If your corporation has already established the necessary relationships with government ministries in the countries you are interested in doing business with, but require program / project management expertise, the EBC’s board of directors each maintain a network of technology, global supply chain, energy, pharmaceutical and environmental expertise to assist you in managing your marketing program.  We advise on which ERP technology should be applied to the global networks, leveraging our technology contacts with companies such as SAP, Manugistics and Oracle to provide seamless global business and confidence in data security.

World Bank Business Opportunities

The World Bank currently lends $20-25 billion to developing countries annually.  Each loan represents enormous business opportunities for suppliers and consultants.  The EBC is an active participant in the World Bank market, and can guide your firm towards an effective marketing strategy within this $25 billion marketplace.

National Infrastructure/Security

In addition to the EBC’s pre-existing government relationships in Eastern Europe and Asia, we are in a prime position to conduct feasibility studies in large-infrastructure initiatives such as national airports, port design and function, import / export trade requirements / certifications, and other national infrastructure development such as highway systems, traffic control technologies, radar installations, and defense strategies’ initial design.  The EBC will work as your partner in forming your business case to the host nation’s need, and can perform the key steps of routing communications to the correct level of national / local government responsible for the internal project budget, technology and environmental approvals.

Business Representation

EBC maintains offices in Washington, DC and throughout the countries of Eurasia.  Whether you are a Eurasian business seeking representation within the United States, or a U.S. business seeking growth opportunities abroad, EBC can serve your needs and act as your proxy on a contract basis.

Market Segment Analysis

EBC’s economics and business teams work closely together to analyze markets and market opportunities in the countries of Eurasia.  We can provide your firm with an objective assessment of market conditions and trends and the specific market for your goods and services – a valuable feasibility study to guide your company to the right time and point of entry.

Event Planning/Trade Conferences
The EBC maintains and is building memberships with companies from nearly every sector and country in Eurasia and the US.  Our strategic consulting network is regularly hosting conference events, attracting influential speakers in many industry sectors and providing panelists / discussion facilitators to keep the seminars on point to the topic area.  Through the EBC’s affiliation with the Eurasia Center, we attract the proper audiences to maximize the conferences’ networking potential for your business’ advancement in the global marketplace.

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